• Conducting International Programs such as workshop, study tours with other RDA Alumni associations ( Republic of Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam )
  • Rice Research, Demonstration & Training activities at Polonnaruwa
  • Vegetable Research , demonstration & Training activities at Seetha Eliya
  • Motivation of youth for agriculture through participatory model farming
  • Strengthening of Agriculture Information and Technology Bank (AgIT Bank) at RRDI,
  • Batalagoda through the establishment of a cyber-unit at a selected Farmer Society in Kurunegala District
  • Integrated organic Model farm Village with women participation Ag Development programs with farm women societies,
  • Establishment of Seed Paddy Multiplication Program of Indigenous Rice Varieties of Sri Lanka
  • Further Expansion of community based seed development programs Red onion, Soy bean,
  • Continuation of Demo farm projects at Polonnaruwa and Seethaeliya.
  • Scholar ship program Dean Faculty of Agriculture
  • Community based seed production programs at Kurunegala, Puttalam and Polonnaruwa