SriLanKoRAA (Sri Lanka – Korea Rural Development Administration Alumni Association) is a nonprofit making organization with a membership of agricultural professionals. All professionals participate in different activities of the organization in disseminating the knowledge gained during their professional carrier for the betterment of the farming community of Sri Lanka

Vision of the association

  • Prosperity through agriculture in Sri Lanka

Specific objectives

  • Disseminate proven technologies developed in Sri Lanka to government and nongovernmental extension workers, students and entrepreneurs.
  • To forge liaison between and among members through various activities such as conferences, seminars, dialogues, civic and non-civic activities, among others;
  • To provide a venue for information exchange related to research and development in agricultural and natural resources;

    To encourage the establishment of appropriate collaborative activities to ensure continuous technology sharing among members;

  • To facilitate the well-being of the members
  • Promotion of SriLanKoRAA among the farming community

SriLanKoRAA was established in June 2005 with the initial donation of funds from the Rural Development Administration (RDA) of the Republic of Korea and with the support of Sri Lankan professionals.

Main Implementing Agency
SriLanKORAA in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, and University of Peradeniya and Chief Ministry North Central Province , Sri Lanka Supporting organizations
• RDA – Republic of Korea
• University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
• Provincial Department of Agriculture
• Sri Lanka KOPIA Centre
• Department of Animal Production and Health
• Local farmer organizations

Membership eligibility
SriLanKoRAA full member must be a technical officer trained at the Korean Rural Development Administration or Korea International Cooperation Agency and should be willing to work voluntarily to disseminate technologies to the farming community and to promote the cooperation for the mutual benefit among all its members. Membership is around 130 and comprises from many government departments, Universities and private sector individuals. There are about 40 life members, 90 ordinary members and 2 associate members, 1 honorary members in the association at present
SriLanKoRAA budget is around US $ 20,000 per annum which is used primarily for the two demonstration farms, scholarship programs for university students and the other agriculture related project activities by the membership. The value of total assets of the organization is around US$ 70000.00.

Capabilities of the Organization
SrilanKoRAA is governed by constitution passed by the general meeting Membership comprises of professionals both research and extension sectors of Agriculture (rice and other crops), animal husbandry, forestry, rural development, marketing and other related field. Therefore, SriLanKoRAA is one of the nonprofits making organizations which has the capacity to undertake any project related to crop-livestock-fishery and Forestry in Sri Lanka.

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